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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cara nak tegur pasangan without hurting them.. not..

On my way home from work just now, ears fully plugged into my mp3, i was listening to Ria.. they had this segment where the jock had a topic going and listeners would call in and act out a cameo based on that topic.. and the topic was along the lines of:

"Anda seorang suami.. bagaimana kah akan anda tegur isteri/pasangan anda agar beliau tidak akan terasa tersinggung, berdasarkan tiga senario:

1) tegur berat badan dia
2) tegur masakan dier
3) tegur cara pakaian dier

So in a nutshell, it was like a tongue-firmly-in-cheek test to see how the men will tegur their ladies' weaknesses without hurting their feelings, ego n self esteem.. I thought it was interesting gimmick, so i listen in la kan..

Some of the lads were reli careful in being diplomatic.. You can sense it in their choice of words n soothing tune of their voices.. They were saying things like:

"Sayang nari cantik la pakai baju nie.. tapi kalau u pakai baju yang i belikan hari tu, lagi anggun"..

"Tak sia-sia abang kawin ayang.. sedap nari ayang masak.. tapi besok ayang masak lain sikit k.. bukan apa, nak rasa masakan ayang yang lain-lain"..

I think by now u can see the whole idea of the gimmick.. Being diplomatic in giving away a hidden message without offending the other party.. The ladies sms-ed their feedbacks, a few lads w
on more than generous feedbacks.. sampai nk kenal2 pun ader..

Now, just as the lads were winning the ladies over, in came this caller.. cara member nie bebual, suara dier, can say he's either in the wrong side of his teenage years or he just went past his 20-year-old mark.. he then declared that he was not married but had a girlfriend.. so when the jock ask perkara apa yang dia nak tegur, he replied that dier nak tegur cara pakaian girl dier..

I was very excited to hear what he had to say.. coz to the very best of my knowledge, very seldom do lads opine anything about how or what their ladies wear.. it would often b
e the other way round.. so back to out friend just now.. let's give him a name.. Mamat is fine..

Mamat said this, as lemah the lembut as he can possibly manage:

"Ayang, lekas la, yang.. Ayang da cantik da.. Make up tu tak payah la nak tebal-tebal sangat.. Nie kalau ayang pakai baju lambat-lambat, kapal terbang nanti jalan.. nanti miss pulak flight kita nanti.. jom, yang.. lah, kenapa pulak ayang pakai lipstick warna biru? lipstick merah kan lagi lawa untuk ayang.. "

I was on the bus.. the extreme last row.. there were 2 other passengers in the bus, seated 3 seats from away the bus captain.. both are elderly.. both are nyonyas.. both were weary from an awfully hard day at werk.. both were dozing off.. But what Mamat said made them woke up.. Coz what Mamat said made me explode with laughter.. I said explode coz i must have laughed loud enuff to make the two nyonyas turned their heads and subsequently draw ugly looks and stare from them..

I raised my right hand up to indicate i was sorry for interrupting their slumber, i used my left hand to try subdue my laughter..

Mamat!!! You were supposed to comment on ur gf's dressing as diplomatically as possible.. not to ask her to hurry up as diplomatically as possible.. apa hal sampai kapal terbang nak jalan sumer masuk cerita..

And Mamat, since when pulak orang pakai lipstick, the colour was anything other than shades of red?

Kalau ye pun nak give an example of nak tegur pasangan secara lembut,
kasi lah examples yang masuk dek akal sikit.. Sape yang tebiat nak gi pakai lipstick kaler biru? Mat, kau pikir matair kau apa?


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Monday, March 03, 2008

A treasure hunt date at the Botanic Gardens.. for details, please call Don King...

The lads were on a phone conference.. Don King called for it.. Which is not the norm, coz the usual suspects for initiating phone conferences are either me or Rafi.. and more often than not, the only reason why we bothered to initiate these conferences is because we are bored and we murder our boredom by indulging in taking the mickey out of Don King (senang cakap, kita bebual merepek dan bergurau, dan lebih-lebih bergurau... dan menjadi kan Wak sebagai bahan gurauan, dan lebih-lebih menjadi kan Wak sebagai bahan gurauan utama.. Hee.. Sori Don..)

But when Don King calls for a phone conference, you know he's got something massive to fill us in.. So it was enough to peel me away from the telly and rang him up..

"Aku cadang nak buat treasure hunt untuk kita-kita kat Botanic Gardens.."

For once, the conference, which can hardly go quiet, went dead silent.. Rafi and I were stumped for a response.. I imagined us lads and ladies, all fully grown up and have gone way past our teenage years, running around a flower park poring over clues trying to locate that elusive thing that Don King has cleverly planted somewhere, giggling and more giggling like silly little spoilt kids on a weekend out in the sun.. amongst the flowers..

Rafi and I had differing opinions.. I would not want to put in exact terms what Rafi's opinions were for fear of ridiculing Don King, safe to say he felt somewhat different about the idea.. I felt it was something unique, and while it was apparent that the activity does not at all commensurate with our ages, I thought it was worth a try..

But we agreed on one thing.. let's give Don King our undivided support, shall we.. In fact, he has lined up some activities for the lads and ladies la.. badminton, playing footie at The Cage, visiting the museum.. all in the name of having the lads meeting up and that kind of thing..

So people, you heard/read it here first.. Details will be released by Don King the moment he finalised everything..

Rafi and I waiting in anticipation on a weekend out amongst the flowers..

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The day I cried for the first time.. and my cat doesn't drink Coke..

It was 5:54am on a chilly Wednesday morning of January the 23rd 2008.. My voice was awfully hoarse, my throat was as dry as the Sahara deserts and my breath was painfully short.. My eyes radiated a gleaming glare towards the events that was unfolding in front of me and there was this unending smile that never left my face since the last 2 hours..

Before I trudged back to the sanity of my bedroom, a voice resonated through my television set.. The voice said:

"The final score at White Hart Lane.. in the 2nd Leg of the Carling Cup semi final.. it's Tottenham Hotspur 5 Arsenal 1..

In all my life playing and watching footie, well in all my life per se, never have I felt so delirious and so proud as THAT Wednesday morning.. I have just witnessed a truly mesmerising footballing display, not from your Man Us or your Liverpools or your Chelseas, but from my beloved Tottenham Hotspur.. Yes, the same club that is so belittled by many.. Dari zaman aku sekolah sampai lah aku kerja sekarang, asyik kene sindir pergi, sindir balik pasal aku nie such a fervent Spurs supporter.. Yang tukar sindir la, biasa la.. Yang sokong Man U, Liverpool.. yelah, dorang ada hak nak menyindir orang lain pasal dorang2 tu successful.. Yang kita2 nie tak abis2 season in, season out, nasib suay je..

But on THAT Wednesday morning, never was I so overwhelmingly satisfied watching Spurs play.. We ripped Arsenal to shreds and our play was at time supremely sublime.. It was in the wee hours of the morning, but I shouted and screamed in the living room as if it was still prime time.. I gathered my dad would have a nightmare trying to sleep coz, just in the first half alone, he kept barking "Heikal!" from his bedroom for about 5 times, obviously asking me to shut the hell up and watch like a dummy..

How could i.. Hee.. Bukan selalu Spurs main cam nie.. There was a fine line between passionate and insane, and I was perilously flirting with it... There was this moment in the second half, when there was a cross floated in from the right side, so delicious the cross was that it invited a stunning volley towards goal.. And I was so immersed in the game that I fashioned a volley myself..

But the only volley i managed to conjure up with my left foot was to in advertently swipe the large Coke cup that was in front of me (I had bought McDonald's meal just before the game started), hence spilling out all its contents.. Habis tumpah air Coke satu living room.. nasib baik tak kene carpet.. But I didn't bother clearing up.. Spurs was threatening more goals..

It was only when Dino the cat started to help herself licking the spilled Coke and started to make horrible noises that sprung me to clear up.. Come on, cats don't drink Coke and somehow she reacted badly to drinking something which was other than plain water..

The game finished.. The lads were dancing on the pitch.. the coaching staff were shaking hands with each other.. Then the camera cut a shot of a couple kissing and hugging each other.. And then a few other fans started to hug the couple as well..

Suddenly, everybody was hugging everybody else... You could hug somebody else's girlfriend and the boyfriend wouldn't mine.. Everyone, bar the Arsenal fans of course, was estatic.. For once, I wished I was there at the Lane.. not because I wanted to have the pleasure of hugging someone else's girlfriend but I wanted to feel what it's like to celebrate the momentous occasion with my fellow Spurs lads..

Then, the post match celebrations got too much for me.. I suddenly felt a distinct lump in my throat and my eyes began to well up.. Hahaha.. Eh hapi giler lah sak bantai Arsenal 5-1.. semi final lagi.. asyik kene lanyak dengan our hated rivals je..

The final is tomorrow, against another of our hated rivals.. Chelsea.. 11pm.. Already, the I'm having the proverbial butterflies in my stomach.. If we win, then maybe, just maybe, what happened at 5:54am on the 23rd of January 2008 will happen again..

It was the day I cried for the first time over a football match.. Hee..

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Team Delta menjerit di Bangkok.. Never spent so much time in a shopping centre before.. 1st post of 2008..

It's halfway throught the 1st month of 2008, and here I am penning my 1st post of the new year.. Bz lah beb.. Neways hapi super belated belated belated new year to one and all..

Just back from Bangkok.. with the team.. fantastic fun.. it was shopping, shopping, and more shopping.. my goodness, I've never bothered to spend so much time in a shopping centre all my life.. 9 hours in a single shopping centre! I don't thing that feat will ever be repeated again..

I'm at work now so can't blog much..

Next post: 2007 - Year of Dumping.. Watch this space..

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Massive congratulations to Betara Karisma..

An awfully long time since i last touched this blog (padahal 2 weeks je).. Been reli bz dengan keje ye.. Have to keep myself bz.. No choice.. For obvious reasons lah ah..

My heartiest congratulations to Betara Karisma for clinching 2nd place in the Khatulistiwa Cup.. sounds like a footie tournament.. ok, Piala Khatulistiwa.. a fantastic achievement by the boys, something that you guys richly deserved.. I remembered hanging out with some of the lads and asking them about their chances in the competition.. and the confidence that shone through them, hopefully predicting for a top 3 place place, i think reflected in their performance.. I have personally not seen their actual performance, but i guessed it was a scintillating display all round by the lads.. again, massive congratulations..

Need to go.. something jz cropped up.. Update again soon..

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wak.. as Don King.. revealed..

Wak, sebelum aku post nie, aku ingin menyatakan yang berikut.. Yang aku nak menyusun sepuluh jari tangan dan sepuluh jari kaki, tidak lupa dengan hati yang ikhlas, seikhlas jawapan "Ikhlas sahaja, bang" yang diberi oleh kaum2 adam yang berasal dari bangladesh yang muncul di pintu rumah2 kita dengan menjual ayat2 suci agama, abeh bila kita tanya dorang "Berapa ye?", kan dorang cakap ikhlas, aku kasi $2/-, dorang pe senyum dan raut wajah mereka tak ikhlas pun.. pas tu dorang cast their eyes back at me as if to say "Ikhlas makna nyer $10/- or more, giler"..

Neways, what was i suppose to say? Oh wak, aku nak minta maaf kalau apa aku nak post nie menyinggung atau melukan hati kau ye.. Nawaitu aku bukan nak mempersenda kan kau, ye.. Neways, datang seorang hamba Allah nie.. yang bertanya,, "kenapa kau label kawan kau Wak tu as Don King eh? kawan kau tu main or interested in boxing ke?"

Jadi begini lah cerita nyer.. July 2006.. on a date which I can't recall.. kat NYP.. to be precise, room E308 of block E.. kita Andayu nie kan, kalau ada production, mesti ada camp.. yelah, production tu abis kul brapa.. abeh dah amek2 gambar pe sumer, pas tu nak kemas2 lagi, kul berapa nak balik.. mesti nak kene ada kan camp to sleep over lah kan..

So, the following saturday morning, where the lads sumer dah nak kene pack up and berambus, time nak bangun tu, ya Allah... liat satu hal.. satu-satu nyer I-just-woke-up face, nauzubillah.. if i had my camera tt time, i would have snapped every one of them..

Jadi, satu2 nye insan yang masih dibuai and terlena di alam mimpi ialah, well, Wak.. aku dah geleng kepala, pasal as one of the oldest, if not THE oldest of all of us, macam sebagai seirang abang kepada kita semua, dia seharusnye set a good example by being one of the first, if not THE first, to wake up, kejut kan kita semua, ajak kita semua turun breakfas, all this done with the sweetest of smile you can ever find in a guy, as all loving brothers would..

So bila aku pekik "Wak, bangun!!", dia tak bangun macam meliat pegi, meliat balik, body twisting and contorting in all ways, shapes or forms.. his body just shoot straight up, in a flash.. If any one of u have watched WWE and know who's the Undertaker, you'll know what i meant..

Then, he slipped into a momentary crazy daze..

He picked up a toy doctor's sthetescope, which was one of the props used during a production, put it on for a few seconds and put it down again.. then he walked round, picked up my then gf's scarf, then as he was about to immerse his face into the scarf, much to my consternation, sumhw a bout of sanity hit him, making him realized what he was doing, his eyes bulged and threatened to burst out if its sockets in realizing whose scarf it was, promptly put it down back again..

So where's the Don King part, you ask, like so many have been asking?

The moment he woke up and shoot straight up, i shouted "Mak ai!! Macam Don King!!", and me and rafi went awfully hysterical with laughter.. I was talking about his hair..

So here you go, mystery unravelled once and for all, Don King!! He's a boxing promoter by the way..

My sincere apologies again eh wak, err Don..

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Four brothers on a whirlwind KL trip.. in photos..

The much-anticipated breakaway that was planned just over the 3 months ago was over in a short period of only 3 days.. But my goodness, it was a holiday to really savour.. a real male-bonding time.. sampai kekadang rasa tak nak balik ye.. hee.. shopping sakan, makan sepuas hati.. Hmm so instead of blogging what we did and where we went and that kind of stuff, which i feel will make for mundane reading, here's the story of four brothers on a whirlwind KL trip.. in pictures.. The rest of the pictures I will upload asap ye..

Setting off @ 0700hrs, 16 Nov.. minus Don King.. He was to join later in KL itself..

Rafi ngan An macam nga merajuk je ngan each other.. Aku da tentu syok sendiri dengan camera..

our hotel room.. where the hotel had one heck of a gay duty manager.. He would wink at us every time single we saw him.. and when one of us wanted to pass the room key to him every time wen we wanted to leave the hotel, he can't resist touching our hands too.. tak dapat pulak aku amek gambar si dek tu..

Di mana kita nie dah macam gay boys ourselves tinggal sebilik.. (top pic - jz checked in.. a full 6 hours after the coach ride, and without Don King who was still as industrious as ever at work back in Singapore.. bottom pic - with Don King jz joining us @ 0100hrs, 17 Nov..

KLCC providing the magnificient backdrop..

We ate stuff that is either no longer in existence or tak dihalalkan to eat in Singapore..
The last time I had A&W was more than a decade ago..

Abg2 yang tak pernah menjamah Kenny Rogers seumur hidup mereka.. But having the said that, the food they served can more or less be found back home..

The longest 2 minutes of my life.. Memang sesungguhnya aku nie ada penakut sikit nak roller coaster tu.. There was a digital camera mounted on the roller coaster track to capture people's reaction on the ride.. and we took the ride 3 times, yeap 3 times, just to get this shot taken.. Coz the previous 2 rides, either we were not sitting in a group or gambar nye tak cantik.. Mujur satu2 tak muntah..

The brothers' passports.. No prizes for guessing which is the odd one out.. Hmm still can't figure out? Hint: Yang lain sumer muka2 da updated.. Member sorang je masih muka zaman2 tingkatan.. ooops.. secondary school nye.. Hee.

Don King memperagakan hp terbaru nye..

On our way back home, 18 Nov, 1530hrs.. Don King da mengantuk.. Hmm aku termenung panjang ye..

The difference between Malaysia and Singapore cabs..
Malaysian cabs are always roaming around the streets.. The problem is,not all of them are running on meters.. Hence, every cab that we hailed, we have to ask if they are running on meters.. Coz if they are not, they would quote you exorbitant fares even for short distances..

Back in Singapore, @ 2315hrs, 18 Nov.. Singapore cabs are always running on meters.. The problem is, they are not always roaming around the streets when you really need one..
More pictures...

While waiting in the bumper car queue, we took shots of ourselves, konon nyer kita nie mana nye up-and-coming pe boyband lah.. so step nak buat album cover lah tu.. so i used the Canon camera software to stitch up our photos to get this effect..

Any suggestion for a group name, people? Hee..

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Senyum ye, bang..
Songkok tak nak pakai tau.. topi tu jugak dicari..
Starting2 posing dengan Rafi ye..
Pas tu posing dengan Don King lak..
Tak sah kalau tak posing ramai2..
Still under construction ye...

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